What's Up With Gleyber Torres? John Flaherty Has a Theory


What's up with Gleyber Torres?

Arguably the breakout superstar of 2019 -- when he socked a whopping 38 homers -- Torres is off to a sluggish start in the shortened 2020 campaign, much to the frustation of Yankees fans.

While there's no obvious issues with the two-time All-Star infielder, according to former Yankee and current YES Network analyst John Flaherty, some subtle differences in his approach at the plate could be to blame for the uncharacteristic slump.

"Offensively, he just looks like he's got so much movement going on right now, and he's lunging forward, he's got this leg kick," Flaherty told WFAN hosts Maggie Gray and Marc Malusis on Wednesday. "And even last night I remember he walked, but on a 3-1 take, he was so off-balance -- we haven't seen that from him."

Getting back to what made him successful could be the key to snapping out of it, Flaherty said.

"He's always had a great two-strike approach where he gets rid of the leg kick, but he's not doing that right now, which is kind of confusing to me.

"So, I think he's caught in between his approaches at the plate."

Why would Torres have tinkered with a hugely successful formula? asked Gray.

"It's a great question. When I watch his at-bats -- this is in the past -- he was so aggressive early trying to drive the baseball, getting into fastball counts, letting it fly early."

Torres was hitting .151/.250/.226 with one homer in 60 plate appearances through his first 16 games.