Murti: Aaron Boone Preaching Patience For Yankees - And The Fans

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I can see it coming.

The Yankees will lose two games in a row in which they score a total of three runs, Aaron Judge goes 0-for-9, Giancarlo Stanton strikes out 6 times, and Gary Sanchez leaves 10 men on base.

The calls will come pouring into our radio station about benching two or three or seven different players. Or shuffling the lineup. Or doing something, anything, to shake these hitters out of their malaise because the Yankees can’t afford to wait around for their stars to get hot when every game means so much.

But similar to the 162-game season, don’t expect to see Aaron Boone reaching for the panic button. There is a balance between patience and urgency that Boone will be teetering on nearly every day of this 60-game season, and Boone doesn’t sound like someone who would waver on the faith he has in the group he’s led to 203 regular-season wins since 2018.

“I have so much confidence in our guys that when they’re in the right situation and the right matchups they’re going to be productive,” Boone said Thursday. 

“I guess in theory we have a little less patience to ride something out – maybe – but when I look at our guys on our roster, I know we’re going to lean heavily on them,” Boone added. “And when they’re in there, I’m going to be confident they’re going to go out there and produce, whether they’re going through a tough stretch or whether they’re rolling. 

"But look, there’s no question there’s probably a little more urgency than normal.”

Over the years, GM Brian Cashman grew fond of saying that the Yankees don’t play a 162-game season, but rather 162 one-game seasons. That’s the kind of urgency people are used to around here.  And it will go even higher in the 60-game season.

But just don’t expect Boone to bench his stars if they take a couple of 0-fers. 

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