Vaunted WFAN Caller Mike from Mahopac/Sour Shoes Breaks Character as 'Scott from Teterboro'


Whether you know and love him most by his call-in name of “Mike from Mahopac” or the radio pseudonym “Sour Shoes,” the gentleman behind quite a few beloved impression segments on WFAN’s airwaves has carved himself a place in the station’s fabric.

And now, it appears as if a third personality has surfaced, based on Gregg Giannotti surmising during Wednesday’s Boomer & Gio Show that “Scott in Teterboro” was actually Mike/Sour Shoes when he called in to discuss a possible “impression-off” with Gio and Aaron Boone.

“I worked with Steiner Sports a few years back, and we did a Yankee Stadium experience a couple times a year,” Mike/Scott/Sour Shoes said, “and we were able to get Sour Shoes to emcee it, and we found out that Boone could do announcers from all across the country: John & Suzyn, Rocky Balboa…”

At that point, Gio chimed in and surmised that this was indeed Sour Shoes calling, to which whateverhisnameis replied, “no, but I’ve heard that before, Evan (Roberts) said that to me a couple months ago.”

“It sounds like his Artie (Lange) impression to me,” Al Dukes laughed.

Gio then asked “Scott” to say a few phrases that are Sour Shoes staples, even as the caller kept trying to talk over him – something Al noted is ALSO a Sour Shoes bit.

“That, and his storytelling…you can just tell, it’s 100 percent Sour Shoes. You can’t fool us anymore,” Gio said. “Only one guy has ever gotten me with the call screening, the ‘Go Buchanan Go’ wildebeest guy; it took me about a year-and-a-half to nail him, and he was so good at throwing his voice and sounding like a regular caller. And there were some times after I got him that he still got me!”

That seemed to end it, but Eddie Scozzare questioned Gio’s thought process, and that's when Gio got him.

Mike/Scott, who was still on hold, was addressed as Mike and asked about missing a softball game, and the response proved Gio right - and made a winner out of a tactic Gregg himself admitted he didn't think would work. What followed, though, was a regular conversation that turned very political in regards to the Coronavirus, and, well, you just have to listen for yourself on that part.

So we got Sour Shoes on the impressions, Mike from Mahopac on the sports, and Scott from Teterboro on politics? Quite the trifecta, but then Gio asked why Mike/Scott/Sour Shoes tried the subterfuge.

“That was all true, all those players would do impressions,” he said. “Aaron Boone would do a great John & Suzyn, and Mike and Dog. I wanted you guys to know.”

What a guy.

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