Al & Jerry Debate: Would you buy half of a Christmas tree for your small space?


Al Dukes and Jerry Recco’s Postgame Podcast is YOUR official source for all great content related to the upcoming holidays! First it was $300 Halloween Decorations, and now, on Monday’s podcast, Al & Jerry have a new one for you: half Christmas trees.

No, not Christmas trees you put up on June 25 like a half-birthday, but legitimately halved Christmas trees are the hot new Holiday season item.

“It’s a Christmas tree cut in half, to put in a corner,” Al said, “which is interesting to me, because I have a small space. It’s split down the middle, so you can put it in the corner.”

“But they make smaller Christmas trees,” Jerry replied, “so why not buy one of those?

“Because these look like you have a bigger tree,” Al replied. “It’s fuller and looks bigger, it’s just cut in half.”

Hard to argue with the “this one goes to 11” logic, but as Jerry noted when Al said these half-trees are sold out everywhere: “you know what’s not sold out? Smaller Christmas trees.”

“I wonder if I can go to the lots where they sell real Christmas trees, and have them split one in half,” Al wondered. “I can split it with someone, just hang out there and see who else wants half a tree. I need to do something though, because Gina lives close now so she'll come over and be like, 'what are you doing here?'"

Jerry’s thought: “Yeah, I’m out on that.”

It’s a rough life for Al Dukes, livin’ down the shore with his woman nearby and having to decorate.

Perhaps, Al, a small table-top Christmas tree? Or, as Jerry suggested, Santa on a surfboard being pulled by sharks?

Listen to Al & Jerry discuss this topic, as well as Jerry’s calendars, an accidental Plaxico, and more in Monday’s Warm-Up Show/Postgame Podcast!

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