Al Dukes, Bradley Brew Project team up on "Al's Boring Beer" for charity


You read Al’s Boring Tweets, look at Al’s Boring Pics, and may have listened to Al’s Boring Podcast…and soon, you’ll have an equally exciting beverage to enjoy while you do.

Boomer & Gio’s beloved producer, Al Dukes, has teamed up with the Bradley Brew Project in his hometown of Bradley Beach, N.J., to create “Al’s Boring Beer” – an IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Cashmere hops that will be available on Wednesday, Jan. 6 at BBP.

“After hearing one of Al’s many beer garbage comments on the air, a great friend of ours and faithful WFAN Morning Show listener called us one day and asked - why don’t you make a beer with Al? And so we set off on a journey to do so,” Mike Ziolkowski, who founded BBP with wife Chelsey in 2018, told “We held a two hour tasting with Al where our brewers Matt, Chris, and Alex worked on identifying a profile that Al liked based on previous beers of ours he’s had.”

“There are so many companies that make a generic product where it’s all the same, but you can ‘make your own’ by just slapping a label on it and it’s your ketchup or whatever,” Al added. “I want to make sure people know that’s not what this is – we did meet and taste test a bunch of beers, and find the things I liked about them to come up with a recipe we liked. This is its own beer, not one they just brewed and slapped a label on.”

Al also has some experience in the spirits-making realm, making “Al’s Boring Wine” back in 2012 (for his own consumption, not for the masses) thanks to an endeavor undertaken by Boomer Esiason.

“Boomer ordered grapes from Oregon and had them shipped to a winery here, and we went and crushed the grapes and did everything to make wine for ourselves,” Al remembered.

Al’s Boring Beer will be just as tasty (Al promises the wine was good), and while the label may be as boring as it gets, the flavor profile will be anything but!

“Al’s Boring Beer is a straight-forward IPA using Citra and Mosaic hops, found in so many boring IPAs, and we then give it a splash of Cashmere hops for an added layer of tropical fruit notes and flavors,” Chelsey Ziolkowski said. “We hope all enjoy it - stay boring!”

“This is where I’m at in my life as a drinker,” Al added. “I only drink beer, so it was important this was something I enjoyed!”

And even better: proceeds from the sales of Al’s Boring Beer will be donated to the Boomer Esiason Foundation to fight Cystic Fibrosis!

“When they called me and asked if I’d be interested in doing the beer with them, they mentioned donating proceeds to charity,” Al said, “and I said Boomer’s Foundation would be perfect. It’s a natural tie-in, and the Boomer Esiason Foundation logo is on the can.”

“One of BBP’s main driving visions is to embrace and give back to our local communities through fundraising efforts,” Mike Ziolkowski added. “Given that we’ve used our platform previously to raise money for the Bradley Beach food pantry, First Aid Squad, a local kids’ charity, and various others, we knew that raising money for Boomer’s foundation went without question.”

The brew will be limited to two four-packs per person upon Wednesday’s release – check their taproom in Bradley Beach or wherever you buy BBP products for more – and if you loved that #Boring hat Al wore during his most recent NFL Parlay picks, we have more good news: there will be an extremely limited quantity of those hats, as well as packages with the beer and the hat, available as well!

Again can check out Bradley Brew Project’s website for more, and get ready to make your life even more boring…just please, if you live in Bradley Beach (or anywhere else), don’t leave the empty cans next to those Michelob Lager bottles on the Boardwalk, be kind and recycle just like the can asks!

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