Al Dukes' $5, 5-Team Parlay: NFL Week 6 2020


Second third time the charm?

After a THIRD straight 1-4 week, Al Dukes has eight wins in 25 games picked, and zero parlays hit after five weeks. But hey, this could be the week that Al turns your $5 into $124, and with some dap from Boomer earlier in the week, Mr. Dukes is riding high!

This week, he’s bringing in the Hall of Famer…as in WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, whooooooooooo has Al’s back against Angry Jerry Bear. Albert could quit, but he’s doing it for the kids, and he has some good picks this week for a change. He also picked the Giants though, so, uh, yeah.

Check out Al’s picks below brought to you by Prop Swap, and come Monday, call in to the morning show to tell Al how you feel about this week’s parlay!

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