Al Dukes' $5, 5-Team Parlay: NFL Week 8 2020


It’s just a cursed NFL season for Al Dukes. Last week, after FOUR straight where picking against the Jets was his only win, Al went full Costanza – meaning, he makes picks and you do the opposite, except for picking against the Jets.

Of course, putting his thing down, flipping it, and reversing it didn’t work, as Al’s picks split and the Jets finally covered. That means he, and anyone whether they took his advice or not, went 2-3 to make it seven straight weeks without hitting.

This week, Al’s leaning into the curse, probably as an excuse to wear that ridiculous hat, but we’ll see if a little Hallowen FitzMagic will lead you to the treat of $126, or the trick of taking Al’s advice again. He’s enlisted The Grim Rodgers, FrankenGio, and TUATAGOVAILOATTALABAMA to help him get enough cash to wing the full-size candy bars at Beverly Beach’s trick-or-treaters…so let’s hope Al gets us paid come Tuesday morning. That’s change you can believe in for Election Day!

Check out Al’s picks below – spoiler: he still didn’t pick the Jets despite an almost three-TD head start – and come Monday/Tuesday, call in to The Warm-Up Show (which you can do now!) to tell Al how you feel about this week’s parlay!

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