Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 11/30/2020: Brokeneck Mountain


On the final day of November, “Doomsday Booms” showed up on the Boomer & Gio Show when Boomer defended the NFL’s decision to not let the Broncos use one of their offensive quality control coaches under center on Sunday, instead forcing them to call up former Wake Forest QB turned practice squad wide receiver Kendall Hinton (who went 1-for-9 for 13 yards and 2 INT, a lesser stat line than Bills WR Cole Beasley) to take the snaps.

“You guys don’t understand what goes on in that pocket,” Boomer said, when called out for wondering what would happen if one of those coaches had played and then suffered a serious injury on Sunday. “Why don’t you ask Joe Burrow how tough it is to play quarterback in the NFL?”

“Yeah, but you went right to the broken neck!” Gio said about the situation. “If you would’ve said ACL or ankle or something, I wouldn’t have said anything! It’s just like your friend who was decapitated!”

As the group argued, Eddie “The GOAT” Scozzare dropped in some great audio, including Boomer’s “headless funeral” clip. To be fair, any choice was a tough one, as Hinton last played quarterback in 2017, and the two coaches floated as possibilities – ex-UCF signal-caller Rob Calabrese and former Louisville/James Madison QB Justin Rascati – are even further removed from the huddle.

However, when the topic shifted to Monday Night Football, Boomer and Gio were in favor of a change that may happen organically – Jalen Hurts taking some of Carson Wentz’s snaps in Philly – and Al Dukes dropped the hammer.

“What if Jalen Hurts goes in and breaks his neck a broken neck?”

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