Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 2/22/2021: Subscribe to Al's…OnlyFans?


Can a moment be nearly 10 minutes? Well, it can be when you’re talking about Al Dukes potentially starting an OnlyFans account.

The Boomer & Gio crew’s Moment of the Day turned into a full discussion planning Al’s new venture, which would take him out from behind a radio microphone and put in front of a camera. Jerry Recco had pitched Al the idea of starting an account for himself, and Al agreed as long as he had a guarantee that he could make $100K a year in the process. Well, Boomer quickly jumped in to tell Al to put his money where his mouth is - or, more accurately, Boomer would put his money where Al’s tasteful nudes were.

“I can guarantee him the 100 thousand,” Boomer said. “If he’s going to sit here and say he’s going to start an OnlyFans account, I will pay him 100 thousand.”

There were some disagreements in the contract negotiations, particularly surrounding the uncertainty of just how much skin Al would show in his photoshoots, which the group agreed would have to happen a few times a week. Boomer, the proposed financier, wanted to see it all, but the rest of the group elected for something a little less graphic.

“I’ll just have my iPhone blocking my schween,” Al said. “Things like that.”

Suddenly, a deal was being put into place, with Boomer agreeing to pay the difference of whatever Al made in a year if it fell short of $100K, and Al agreeing to donate to the Boomer Esiason Foundation whatever amount he made past the six-figure mark if it were to ever happen. But if Al is expecting Boomer to write him a giant Happy Gilmore-type check, think again.

“I’ll go on there 100,000 times and spend a dollar,” Boomer said. “I’m not gonna just write you a $100,000 check. I’ll go on there 100,000 times and spend a dollar each time. But I want full frontal nudity. “

There won’t be full frontal nudity, but be sure to subscribe to Al’s OnlyFans when it formulates - and check out today’s Boomer and Gio Moment of the Day brought to you by Casamigos Tequila below, as well as more on-demand audio from WFAN's morning show!

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