Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 1/12/2021: Mad Dog Vocabulary


“It’s long, lengthy, and creative, and I love it.”

Jerry’s intro was as epic as it gets, as for the first time ever, two moments were combined into one Moment of the Day Tuesday, because two former WFAN colleagues caught the attention of the gang.

“Congrats to Chris Carlin, New Jersey Sportscaster of the Year,” Jerry said in one update, which brought out Eddie’s entire collection of continental drops. Later on, a clip of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo botching “Nickelodeon” into “Nickeldonian” while ranting about Sunday’s Saints-Bears coverage just added to the drop fun, this time turning Gio into Dog once again.

“How do you put on that Nickeldonian? Ah jeez, it’s a playoff football game, they’re going to a challenge and all of a sudden I see, uh, Spongebill Squareshirt up there between the uprights!” Gio Russo ranted. “What are we doing? This is sacred ground of the NFL! These games need to be on CBS or FOX or ABC, they can’t be on Nickeldonian! Sliming people all over the place, it’s childish!”

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