Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day: 9/18/2020


If Christian McCaffrey’s football career doesn’t work out, he apparently has a lucrative male modeling career as a backup option, based on the photos that surfaced this week for GQ Magazine.

And oh boy did the Boomer & Gio crew have some fun with that photo shoot on Friday, so much so that it became the Moment of the Day!

“How about the one, like the sad one, where he’s in a bathroom, and he’s got his little porkpie hat on, or whatever you call that thing, and he’s just leaning and in touch with his feelings,” Gio laughed.

“How about the one where he’s looking at his album collection and looks like he’s playing pocket pool?” Boomer joked.

“Would you like to eat some toast and jam off my crotch?” Gio laughed while discussing one boudoir photo, before Boomer, the former NFL star himself, delivered the final blow:

“I swear to God, I would have every one of these photos blown up and put in the locker room!”

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