Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 10/1/2020: Fired up for some scuttlebutt


Do you enjoy scuttlebutt? Because Boomer & Gio got the scuttlebutt for ya! Just don’t tell Izzo, or that new guy in accounting, or anyone else that this Moment of the Day is scuttlebutt central, k? Especially Gio, because he’s not hip to the scuttlebutt.

Here’s some scuttlebutt of the day, though: Boomer picked the MOTD today when Jerry gave him a choice of three; Boomer picked B for Boomer, and so,

“When they came to us and said, ‘hey, we’re gonna fire Izzo because of the pandemic,’ we said no,” Boomer said. “There’s some scuttlebutt for ya!”

“Yeah, you told them to fire his boss, and they did,” Eddie chimed in.

“I never heard that, I knew nothing this!” an exasperated Gio sighed, “so maybe you’re the king of scuttlebutt and don’t want to admit it! Want to bring anything else up while we’re at it?”

No, it was update time, but, y’know, audio GOAT Eddie had the perfect Recco-bomb to punctuate the scuttlebutt situation…of Jerry’s ass.

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Oh, and P.S.: scuttlebutt.

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