Boomer & Gio's NFL Picks: 2020 Week 3


Gregg Giannotti’s lead in the 2020 edition of the Boomer & Gio Picks competition widened a bit last week, a 3-2 week putting Gio now three ahead of Boomer and four ahead of Jerry Recco (and two ahead of Al Dukes, if you’re counting Al’s Parlays).

As Gio noted, though, he didn’t gloat all week because he has a feeling a bad week is coming…but as you’ll see below, the worst-case scenario still keeps Gregg in the lead.

First, the standings (last week in parentheses):
Gio: 7-3 (3-2)
Boomer: 4-6 (2-3)
Jerry: 3-7 (1-4)
Al’s Parlay: 5-5 (3-2)

And now, Week 3 from B&G (and J), brought to you by and Solo Stove:

GAME 1: Texans at Steelers (-4)
Gio: Texans
Boomer: Steelers
Jerry: Steelers

Gio’s take: “This is a gut pick, and I’m gonna regret this already, but I think the Texans win a football game at Heinz Field. I don’t like the way the Steelers didn’t put the Giants away, and I don’t like the way Jeff Driskel made that a game last week. There are letdown games left and right with these Mike Tomlin teams, and Houston played the two best teams in football in my opinion in the first two weeks.”

GAME 2: Raiders at Patriots (-5.5)
Gio: Patriots
Boomer: Patriots
Jerry: Patriots

Boomer’s take: “The Raiders defense is not very good, guys. I know Derek Carr is playing well and Darren Waller is a bitch to cover downfield, but you know that Bill Belichick is going to take away the most dangerous player.”

GAME 3: Cowboys at Seahawks (-5)
Gio: Cowboys
Boomer: Seahawks
Jerry: Cowboys

Jerry’s take: “I’ll take the Cowboys – it’s very hard to go 15-1 if you don’t take this one. They usually play well in Seattle, though.”

GAME 4: 49ers at Giants (+3.5)
Gio: Giants
Boomer: Giants
Jerry: Giants

Gio’s take: “This is three straight weeks I’m picking the Giants. I think there’s too much going against the 49ers, and there’s something to Boomer’s thoughts that the turf thing is in their heads.”

GAME 5: Jets at Colts (-11.5)
Gio: Colts
Boomer: Colts
Jerry: Colts

Boomer’s take: “The Colts will score 31 points in this game. What do you think the Jets are going to score?”

Listen below for the full predictions, and as always, check out more on-demand audio from WFAN's morning show, and be ready to call in Monday to give the gang love (or hell) for their picks!

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