You Can Join Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce, JJ Redick and More NBA Stars at Virtual Wine Tastings


While the four remaining teams in the NBA playoffs are all hoping they can celebrate this long, tumultuous season with some champagne by the time the Finals come to an end in mid October, other NBA stars are imbibing some fine wine as they watch the playoffs come toward a close.

And you can join them.

Starting on September 22 with NBA veteran JJ Redick -- who hosts the awesome RADIO.COM Sports and Cadence13 podcast "The Old Man & the Three" -- Acker Wines will be popping bottles with NBA stars through their virtual wine tastings. Company chairman John Kapon will conduct the tasting and lead guests through an interview that touches on wine and more (via Shlomo Sprung of Forbes).

And though you can register for the tasting and join in on the virtual Zoom call, the bottles aren't going to be cheap.

“Wine has become the ultimate status symbol among some player tables, with the best bottle getting big time credit,” Kapon told Sprung.

The wines that Kapon will be drinking with Redick range from a $35.99 bottle of 2017 Faiveley Mercurey Blanc Clos Rochette to a $599 bottle of 2016 H. Lignier Close de la Roche.

Next up is Carmelo Anthony, on September 29 -- which is my birthday, if anyone wants to register me for that as a gift, *cough* -- who has had guests on his own wine-centric show, "What's In Your Glass," including Damian Lillard, Tiffany Haddish and Snoop Dogg.

Celtics legend Paul Pierce joins on October 6 -- he'll be hopeful that he can talk about the Celtics' Finals chance while sipping on a glass out of the $459 bottle of 1987 Penfold's Grange -- while Cavs big man Kevin Love is featured in the next session on October 13. To finish up the first round of scheduled tastings, Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, who at 25 years old is a "budding connoisseur of Cabernets," will join the Zoom. He even told GQ that he "pretty much drinks wine every single day," so the youngest guy to appear on the show may be the most experienced.

There's a very real chance he'll be drinking wine in a celebratory fashion, as well, as the Lakers have now become strong favorites in the West due to the Nuggets' upset of the Clippers.

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