Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason make public amends on the WFAN airwaves


The Carton and Roberts Show doesn’t officially begin until 2 p.m. on November 9, but fans got a sneak peek when Craig welcomed Evan in at the close of his return hour on WFAN Thursday night.

The segment started off with something that could unite the two Mets fans – NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempt to sabotage the Mets’ sale to Steve Cohen – and a little chat about the WFAN softball team and some inside stories…but who better to be the first caller than Norman from East Islip – aka Boomer Esiason, Craig’s former co-host in the mornings?

“Yeah, well, welcome back Craig, long-time listener first-time caller,” Boomer said, “I just wanna say you guys will be great together, but I didn’t realize you were talking to horses while you were away! I’m going to send you a pony in the mail to look up to!”

Craiggy then remembered that Boomer had a therapy pony when his mother passed away, to which Boomer chided Craig’s thoughts about the WFAN softball team – “I do everything, you just show up and act like a donkey!”

But then, the Booms welcomed Craig back to the airwaves with open arms.

“I can see the therapy is working, you’re back to normal!” he laughed. “But you sound great.”

And after some more scuttlebutt about the softball team, Craig got a little emotional before bidding Boomer farewell.

“This is the only time I’ll be sappy with you…in a week, we’re never going to speak again,” Craig laughed, “but I’ll say this: I now recognize all the things you and I have talked about privately, and despite being made at me, at no point publicly did you ever waver in your support. I think that also led to my eventual return today, but I love you for it, and I thank you for it.”

And then, right back to vintage Craig.

“Boomer, I expect that when I come on Monday, there’s a box of Stanley crumb cakes waiting for me!”

Not happening, says the Booms, since there’s too big of a gap between their shows, but he did have some advice for Evan.

“How about reaching out to me, Evan? You were too busy talking about FIP and WHIP to reach out to the guy who might know a thing or two about this!”

Listen to the first-ever segment of Craig Carton and Evan Roberts below!

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