Craig Carton thanks, and apologizes to, the WFAN Mornings crew and fan base


Apologies needed to be made in Craig Carton’s return to the WFAN airwaves, but to truly make a sincere apology, Craig had to look inside himself and realize what he not only cost himself, but almost cost his former crew.

“The morning show…what those guys did this morning on my behalf is amazing, and means the world to me,” Carton said. “One of the reasons I asked to do this hour alone was because I feel like I have a lot of people to apologize to. There’s a radio family also, and if you didn’t see the HBO documentary, I want to make it clear that I recognize now – something I didn’t recognize at all in the beginning when my ego was far too strong – the precarious position I put the other guys on the morning show in: Boomer, Jerry, Al, Eddie, Bobby, and everyone else that’s affiliated with the show.”

And then, came the apology.

“When I decided to make the bad decisions I made, and I made them all by myself…unknowingly, I risked their jobs and livelihood,” Craig revealed. “There was no guarantee CBS would let those guys stay there, and Boomer and I went through a tough period, relationship-wise, because of that.
Boomer did nothing wrong, Boomer is the most supportive guy, publicly and privately, that I had in my life, and he had no reason to be, because I screwed it up. I took Boomer & Carton, and I poured gasoline on it and lit it on fire. I didn’t do it knowingly, but that doesn’t matter; for some reason, I was willing to risk everything we had worked so hard to build.”

There was one other group to thank and apologize to, as well.

“I felt I owed it to you, the listeners…there’s no Boomer & Carton, or 10 years of success, without you guys,” Craig said. “I never felt that I properly apologized to this audience. I recognize that, and I’m sorry, I’m sorry I took Boomer & Carton away from you.”

And in the end, Craig is also thankful for the man who succeeded him in the morning.

“Gregg Giannotti, to his credit, stepped in and did something very tough to do: fill the seat of someone who was very popular and successful, and do it seamlessly,” Craig said. “Gregg and I don’t know each other well, but he should be very proud of what he’s accomplished, and the rest of the team should be proud of what has become Boomer & Gio. There was no guarantee that show would continue to be successful, but it is because Gregg stepped in and found his voice without any hiccups.”

Listen to Craig’s entire opening monologue below.

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