Devils Social Media Pokes Fun at Miles Wood's Fantasy Football Prowess…or Lack Thereof


Fantasy football is a fool’s errand for some, especially those who participate in leagues where the team that finishes dead last earns some sort of negative consequence – see also “The Sacko” from the old FX series “The League.”

Apparently, among the New Jersey Devils, ridiculous wardrobes are the “prize” for finishing dead last in their league, as illustrated by this Instagram post by left wing Miles Wood.

Yes, that’s Wood wearing a gold snakeskin suit, apparently purchased for him by Travis Zajac and Kyle Palmieri as punishment for his fantasy sins. And, if that’s not bad enough – the finishing last twice in a row, the garish suit, or both – the Devils’ Twitter account had some fun in giving Wood some advice for tonight’s Devils Fantasy Football draft.

Here’s a tip, Miles: don’t take a kicker or a defense too early.

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