Evan, Loogy, and C-Mac's NFL Picks: Conference Championship Weekend 2021


Evan finally failed on an over/under on Divisional Weekend, and with a loss in one of his regular picks too, he’s down to .500 in the Carton & Roberts era. However, C-Mac took a step ahead of Loogy in the producer picks (don’t worry, we wrote it down, Evan).

This week, Evan went for a simpler format of picking both games and one total, and the producers are simpatico, even if one is a reverse jinx!

First, the current standings (last week in parenthesis):
Evan: 15-15 (1-2) (30-27 total)
Mac: 6-4 (W) (14-18-1 with the midday show)
Loogy: 5-5 (L)

And now, NFL Conference Championship picks from Evan, Loogy, and Mac, brought to you by Oddstrader.com, Bud Light, and Prop Swap!

Green Bay (-3.5) vs. Tampa Bay:
“If you look at Aaron Rodgers’ record in championship games, it’s bad. As brilliant as he’s been, he’s thrown seven picks in four games. Remember when they blew that 16-0 game to Seattle? This is a huge moment in his career, and I think he’s going to come up big. They have this incredible all-around team, and I don’t think we’ll see the mistakes they made against Tampa in the regular season.”

Kansas City (-3.5) vs. Buffalo: “This is a Chiefs offense where, no matter how many points they’re down or where they are on the field, they’re a threat. Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the world, and he has weapons all over the place. I think there will be a lot of points in this game, and we’ll be sitting there in the fourth quarter where the Bills have a chance, but I think Mahomes plays big plays late, and a moment where Andy Reid will make another gutty decision.”

OVER/UNDER – KC/Buffalo OVER 54.5: “Going to be a lot of points in this one.”

C-MAC – Green Bay (-3.5) vs. Tampa Bay: “I think Green Bay will win and in easily. If the 3.5 was 6.5 or 7.5, I’d still take them. Tampa Bay is not impressive. If Brees didn’t turn into a pumpkin last week…all their points were off turnovers. Even the Washington game, they let Heinecke go up and down the field like Mike Vick. They are not going to turn over Aaron Rodgers; this team is a locomotive going down the track, and Rodgers has been the best of his career. I think this is his year.”

LOOGY – Green Bay (-3.5) vs. Tampa Bay: “I have the Bucs winning the Super Bowl, so I’m going to make my pick the Packers for a reverse jinx. The Bucs defense isn’t going to turn over Aaron Rodgers; he has been on a mission since they drafted another QB, and a motivated Aaron Rodgers with that offense cooking? I hate going against Tom Brady, but the Bucs have been a little bit of a fraud team.”

Listen below for the full predictions, and as always, be ready to call in Monday to give Evan, C-Mac, and Loogy some love (or hell) for their picks!

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