Full WFAN coverage: DeAndre Baker's legal situation


All charges were dropped on Monday against former Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker, in connection with an alleged armed robbery in the Miami area earlier this year – and in an incredible twist, the attorney for three of the alleged victims was also arrested and charged with extortion.

When the initial news broke months ago that Baker had been charged, Moose & Maggie got a call from Patrick Patel, one of Baker’s lawyers, who basically said the whole situation was not as it seemed:

On Monday, it was the Pat Leonard of the Daily News who called in to Moose & Maggie to discuss the case, including the details the paper was privy to:

And, to complete the cycle, Bradford Davis, another of Baker’s attorneys, joined Carton & Roberts later in the day to discuss the case:

WFAN has been all over the DeAndre Baker situation, and stick with us for more news as it develops!

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