Justin Tuck recalls an 'epic' rap battle between Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan


Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Michael Strahan made for one hell of a pass rush against opposing quarterbacks in their heyday as Giants teammates – but apparently, two of them also made for one hell of a rap battle.

In an episode of Untold Stories with Master Tesfatsion on Instagram TV, Tuck told Master about the time a rap battle broke out between Umenyiora and Strahan in the locker room that turned out to be an epic installment of a regular thing.

“Every day we had rap battles, and anything was fair game, other than obvious things like wives and kids,” Tuck said. “And one of the bigger days was Osi and Stra, and it was a setup where Osi was like the young bull, who had just signed his new deal, while Strahan had just gotten a divorce.”

No big deal, Strahan apparently thought, but Umenyiora came out firing.

“Osi took it so serious, he went home that day and was writing down rhymes,” Tuck said. “He came back the next day super confident and his rhyme had everything – his new deal, how he’s making more money than Stra and kicking him out of the league, and how his own wife don’t even want him because the Giants don’t want him, all that. “We were like, crying laughing, because I knew it was going to go there – it always did – but Stra was kind of caught off guard.”

But Strahan, ever the master of improv, got his groove quickly.

“So Mike gets up, and brings his own mic out – he had like one of these Mariah Carey golden mics that he brought in in like a brown paper bag – and just goes ham on Osi and starts spitting,” Tuck said. “To Stra’s credit, he’s witty and quick with it, so he starts talking about all his deals, his cars, and he ended it by saying ‘I gave my ex-wife a few extra dollars and it’s still more than you.”

Check out that full story and more from Tuck below:

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