Kurt Warner sympathizes with Ryan Fitzpatrick's benching in Miami


The Miami Dolphins are on their bye week, but made big news when head coach Brian Flores announced that Tua Tagovailoa, who made his NFL debut late in Sunday’s 24-0 win over the Jets, would be the starting quarterback going forward.

A bit shocking, given that the Fins are 3-3 with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center and Tua legitimately never saw the field until Sunday – especially so to Fitzpatrick, who said “my heart hurt all day” when he was told of the switch.

Well, there’s one Hall of Famer who feels his pain: Kurt Warner, who Tweeted support to FitzMagic on Tuesday once the word got out.

To Warner’s point, yes, the Giants were 5-4 in 2004 when Tom Coughlin made the decision to bench the veteran Super Bowl champ in favor of Eli Manning, who had a name pedigree (and the pedigree as the No. 1 overall pick) but only nine pass attempts to his name.

Didn’t work out well in the short-term, as the Giants lost Eli’s first six in a row – the back end of an eight-game losing streak that turned a 5-2 team into a 5-10 one – before finally winning in the season finale. It all worked out in the end, though, as Manning led the Giants to two Super Bowl titles in the next decade and a half, and Warner got a second life as the Cardinals’ starting signal-caller from 2005-09.

And so, while it may be tough sledding going from FitzMagic’s 95.0 QB rating and 70.1 completion percentage to a neophyte in Tua – especially in a year where the Patriots are down and the AFC East is wide open – Flores is likely banking on the same thing Coughlin gambled on 16 years ago.

If anything, Fitzpatrick, ever the clever wordsmith, gave the best concession speech of all-time:

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