Confirmed: Robert Saleh is…a big fan of Carton & Roberts on WFAN?


It’s confirmed: Robert Saleh is a HUGE fan of WFAN, and Carton & Roberts!

Okay, maybe not, because you sometimes have to take Wikipedia with a grain of salt…considering that, you know, anyone can edit the entries, and basically put whatever they want.

Well, thanks in part to one phone call into Carton & Roberts Tuesday, that’s exactly what happened. See, a caller called in to say that someone had updated Saleh’s Wikipedia page to say that he was the head coach of the New York Jets, which would’ve been news to pretty much everyone.

By the time the caller got on air, though, Craig & Evan looked it up…and found that it had been changed again to say “most definitely NOT the head coach of the New York Jets.”

The caller stayed on for a bit as Craig & Evan kept refreshing and the page kept changing, going from Saleh being the holder of various NFL jobs (or not) to a cadre of FAN-related references, including that he was “dating Mike Francesa” and “thinks Carton sucks.”

And, of course, this, the coup de grace:

Saleh’s entry has since been fixed – returning him to his current role as 49ers defensive coordinator – and locked to prevent any further shenanigans, but it was fun while it lasted.

Which reminds us…since Avery Williamson was dealt to the Steelers, we don’t have a Jets representative as our weekly guest for 2021, so maybe Saleh, if he comes, would be the ideal one?

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