MUST LISTEN: Joe and Evan DESTROY Adam Gase and the Jets


You knew as soon as Raheem Mostert took the first play of the game to the house, kicking off the San Francisco 49ers’ rout of the Jets, that Joe and Evan were going to be must-listen radio on Monday after another head-scratching loss.

Misters Benigno and Roberts did not disappoint, doing exactly what Evan said they were going to do heading into the show’s first break: they destroyed the Jets.

“Yesterday, the Jets lost 31-13 to the 49ers, who lost Nick Bosa, Solomon Thomas, Raheem Mostert, and Jimmy Garoppolo,” Evan began the rant. “Still, the Jets still managed to be completely…I guess the word is, they didn’t compete? This was not a competitive game in any way, as they got destroyed?”

“Where do we start?” Joe quipped, and dropped a “bro” and a groan within 30 seconds of beginning his rebuttal. “The first play from scrimmage, UNTOUCHED down the sideline! You weren’t even in your seat and they’re losing.”

“I’m sitting there, about 1:08 p.m., and I found myself uncontrollably laughing after the first play,” Evan noted, with Joe’s response a simple “what else can you do, bro?”

“It’s hilarious, and that comedy was only topped by Jerick McKinnon going for 55 yards on 3rd and 31,” Joe lamented. “Two plays before that, Quinnen Williams sacks Nick Mullens, the ball is on the ground, and he can’t corral it. How big a play is that?

This is the NICE part of the duo’s rant, as they slaughtered the team’s play for a bit before turning the vitriol on the head coach/alleged genius, Adam Gase.

“They have the football, on 4th and 1 from the 20, and (Adam Gase) decides to run the football up the middle with Josh Adams, who they took off the practice squad, and it was his only carry of the game?” Evan screamed, likely shaking his head if not banging it off the wall in his home studio.

“They got half a yard – how about a QB sneak there? How about Darnold runs up to the line and just sneaks it? We’ve seen Tom Brady do that for 100 years, do we ever see him do that?” Joe asked.

“Do we ever see Darnold throw the ball past the first down marker on third down, even?” Evan asked back, which led to Joe letting out a howl that can best be described as “someone stepped on a cat’s tail.”

“Bro, how bad is this head coach?” Joe quipped bluntly. “There are so many things! Let’s go back to the first drive, they’re down 7-0, and their drive stops. They have a 3rd and 16, well in field goal range, you’re not beating this team kicking field goals, and they play for the field goal! He hands the ball off to Frank Gore and he gets three yards, and they kick the field goal! What are you doing? Can you take a shot to get the damn first down, Mr. Offensive Genius?”

“Let’s go back to that 4th and 1 – the play before they had 3rd and 1, and clearly, you know this is four-down territory,” Evan said. “You just ran the ball twice with Frank Gore to get to 3rd and 1 – why not throw the ball? If you throw a pass into the end zone and it’s incomplete, God Forbid, then give the ball back to Frank Gore! I have confidence he can get one yard, because that’s basically what he can do!”

“To show just what a brutal head coach Adam Gase is, you’re down 24-3 and they have a 4th and 7 after the great Chris Herndon dropped a touchdown pass in the end zone,” Joe said, “and bro, HE KICKED THE FIELD GOAL! I couldn’t believe it! And then the genius, Air Gase – Airhead Gase, I’ll call him – he says he doesn’t have a play that he feels is going to work against this defense on 4th and 7. WHAAAAAAAAT?”

All Evan could do was laugh as Joe continued.

“If you’re the head coach of an NFL team…that is such an indictment against you,” Joe ranted. “I could’ve drew a play up! ‘Hey, Sam, you throw the ball to one of these guys we’ve never heard of. You run to the corner of the end zone and I’m just gonna throw the ball up to you and try to catch it.’ Give me something!”

“That was the worst possible answer,” Evan said. “And you can see it – Adam Gase concedes and gives up on his team, and he does it a lot. He did it with the play calling, and I don’t give a damn if you’re playing the ’85 Bears defense. At that point in the game, the only shot you have of winning the game is GOING FOR IT. But, he kicks a field goal to make it 24-6, and he has the audacity to say, ‘we needed something positive.’ WHAT THE HELL IS POSITIVE ABOUT SCORING A SIXTH POINT? Who feels good about that besides someone who has Sam Ficken in fantasy?”

And then, the coup de grace from Joe from Saddle River, who groaned as Evan ranted.

“This guy is an abysmal head coach. I don’t want to hear Boomer, or anybody, start sticking up for this guy. Where is your defense of this guy?” Joe asked. “I understand he has no skill players, but you talk about playing not to win games.”

You really need to listen to the whole exchange to really feel the passion Joe and Evan have for their team – well, for now, assuming they don’t give up on the Jets like Gase does.

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