Ex-Jet Robby Anderson Mistakes Panthers’ Mascot 'Sir Purr' for a Bear


Robby Anderson, formerly of the Jets, turned heads with an explosive Week 1 performance, shredding Las Vegas’ listless secondary for 115 yards on six catches including a 75-yard house call courtesy of Teddy Bridgewater (also making his Panthers debut Sunday). The fifth-year field-stretcher joined Carolina this offseason in large part to reunite with his former college coach Matt Rhule. What he apparently didn’t consider was the team’s mascot, Sir Purr, whose presence seemed to disorient Anderson in Sunday’s opener.

“What’s that bear doing?” Anderson asked teammate D.J. Moore during a quiet moment in Sunday’s loss to the visiting Raiders.

“The bear?” Moore responded, incredulous that Anderson would think the Panthers’ mascot was anything other than a ferocious feline. “That’s Sir Purr, bro.”

With Anderson still not grasping the cat pun, Curtis Samuel interjected from across the bench. “Sir Purrrrr.”

“Wow,” said Anderson, finally connecting the dots. “You call him that?”

“That’s his name,” Moore answered, still unable to get through to his flustered teammate.

This hilarious exchange between Anderson and his fellow wide receivers quickly made the rounds on social media with Sir Purr himself acknowledging the incident by changing his name on Twitter to “I’m That Bear.”

Apparently, Anderson wasn’t the only Panther not privy to the team’s mascot hierarchy. All-Pro return specialist Pharoh Cooper, also a newcomer to Carolina, was similarly unaware of Sir Purr’s existence before Sunday.

“He’s in his only little world,” said Bridgewater of Anderson during Wednesday’s press availability. “I saw the video asking about the bear and I was like, ‘Ah, that’s just Robby being Robby.’”

Anderson never encountered any mascots during his time in New York—the Jets are one of just five NFL teams without one—so this is all new territory for the 27-year-old Temple alum. Here’s hoping Anderson and Sir Purr can successfully coexist—and maybe even form a friendship someday—in Carolina.

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