Planned 'Fire Adam Gase' protest at Jets' facility draws epic crowd…of four


It seems like Jets fans everywhere, from the Twitterverse to the sports radio airwaves and everywhere in between, will tell you they'd rather see Adam Gase do literally anything other than be the head coach of Gang Green.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, nobody – well, almost nobody – put their money where their mouth was for an apparent “Fire Adam Gase” protest scheduled outside the Jets’ facility in Florham Park, N.J.

Almost nobody, because four brave souls, one of which appears to be wearing a Tim Tebow jersey, showed up for the “protest” – which looked more like a weird, touristy, "Fire Adam Gase" version of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover, as noted by Twitter user @JetsDiscord – that was covered in depth (read: a couple Tweets) by Bergen Record Jets beat writer Andy Vazquez.

On the other side, one person did offer to help Gase on Thursday: former Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who Tweeted his offer of consultancy to his former team:

To be fair to the Jets, though, Cromartie made the same offer to Penn State University. And, to be fair to the fearless foursome, Vazquez did note that they got some “honks of encouragement” after being moved to the public street. And, to be fair to absolutely no one, we must note that the protest still had four more people in attendance than the Jets’ home opener.

Too soon?

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