Joe & Evan Regular 'BK from Yonkers' Passes Away


If sports are the backbone and hosts are the mastermind of the sports talk radio landscape, then callers are absolutely the heartbeat and lifeblood – without the listeners, none of what WFAN and any other platform does would be as impactful, and those who are regular callers to certain stations or shows become, as they say, friends you just haven’t met yet.

The WFAN family has lost one of those, as Mike from Yonkers called in to the Benigno and Roberts Show on Thursday to alert Joe & Evan that BK in Yonkers, a long-time regular Mets caller to the show, passed away Wednesday night at age 80.

“Gentlemen, I call you with a sad heart; I have to tell you, one of the all-time great callers and great characters on your show, BK from Yonkers, passed away last night. I’d known him for 40 years, and I can tell you with 100 percent certainty, there was no bigger Mets fan than him, and you guys had no bigger fan than him,” Mike said.

“I love BK man, I used to love his calls. So sorry to hear that,” a stunned Benigno said. “Rest in peace.”

According to Mike, BK wasn’t sick, but passed away “in his sleep, quietly and peacefully.”

“He was a great caller, and always called in with enthusiasm, even if we were talking about negative things with the Mets,” Evan said. “He was a great listener and a great caller.”

“Some of these callers that have been regulars over the years, you never know what happens to them,” Joe added. “We lost Doris in Rego Park way back, we lost Bruce in Bayside recently. Terrible, we really did love him.”

Joe & Evan sent condolences to the friends and family of FAN favorite BK from Yonkers on air, and so, too, did many others when Joe & Evan producer Ernie Acosta announced the news on Twitter.

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