Joe & Evan's NFL Picks: 2020 Week 2


After one week of the NFL season, Evan Roberts is on pace to repeat as the champion of the Benigno vs. Roberts NFL Picks Duel, brought to you by and Bud Light!

Of course, Evan going 2-1 and Joe going 1-2 is a pace for Evan to win by 17 games, which likely won’t happen, but that’s the fun about paces: for now, Evan gets to gloat about his lead. Evan noted that Week 1 is the hardest week to pick and the mission is to not go 0-3 – “thank the Steelers for that for me,” Joe said – but Week 2 isn’t much easier.

There won’t be two perfect or imperfect weeks this time, though, as the boys are head-to-head on pine pick. If you missed last week’s picks, check them out here – and now, Joe & Evan’s selections for Week 2!

Dallas (-4.5) vs. Atlanta: “We know about all their injuries, but part of this pick is being anti-Falcons. You may know that last year, and you know this Jets fans…they finished SO STRONG! What happened Week 1? They got beat up by the Seahawks. I think Dallas is going to have a strong bounce-back game and blow Atlanta out. I think Atlanta is going to be awful this year.”

LA Rams (+1.5) at Philadelphia: “I watched a little bit of the Eagles last week, and the thing that did them in was that the WASHINGTON line was able to get to the quarterback. Do you think Aaron Donald will get to Carson Wentz? Sunday night, he did whatever he wanted on that field, and dominated in many ways. What do you think is going to happen on Philadelphia? I think they’re going to win outright.”

Seattle (-4.5) vs. New England: “I think New England is going to lose big. Russell Wilson is underrated and I think he’s going to have a big-time performance, but I think Seattle’s D will be able to slow down Cam Newton. Cam ran a lot in Week 1, but in his career, he’s 2-6 against Seattle, and he has not beaten them with his legs. The Seahawks will force him to beat them with his arm, and he won’t.”

Philadelphia (-1.5) vs. LA Rams: “I liked Philly early in the week, and I’m going to stay with the Eagles even as a favorite now. I get it with the offensive line, but I don’t know how good the Rams are. In a lot of ways, they were fortunate to beat Dallas last week, and they’re coming east; Most times, West Coast teams coming east have a big disadvantage, and I’m going to take a flyer on that.”

Pittsburgh (-7) vs. Denver: “What I saw Monday night, it’s going to be hard-pressed for me to see a defense better than Pittsburgh this year. They have these guys that are just flying around at the ball. Denver lost a tough game to Tennessee, and they have to come to Pittsburgh, which is never easy. Ben Roethlisberger is back, and they have a lot of weapons.”

Houston (+7) vs. Baltimore: “We know how good Baltimore is, no disputing that. And look, the Texans didn’t look so great against Kansas City, but they got some extra time here, and they still have some great players. I don’t love it that DeAndre Hopkins isn’t there anymore, but this is a big number for Baltimore to be favored on the road against what we think is a quality team. I always love home dogs, and I’m taking a flyer on Houston.”

Listen to the entire picks segment below for more, and be ready to call in on Monday to give Joe & Evan some love/hate for their choices!

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