Joe & Evan's NFL Picks: 2020 Week 3


Bro, Joe, what do you know?

Last week, it was nothin’ about NFL picks, as Mr. Benigno put up the bagel and still only has one win on the season – “horrible, I did horrible” was an admission that was an understatement – while Evan stayed the course, and Mr. Roberts now has a commanding leads two weeks in.

Week 3 is apparently theme week for the boys, as Evan’s theme is underdogs and Joe’s theme is…um, make picks to win? No, it’s home teams, two of them favorites, as he tries to get back on track.

First, the current standings (last week in parenthesis):
Evan: 4-2 (2-1)
Joe: 1-5 (0-3)

And now, Week 3 Picks from Joe & Evan, brought to you by and Bud Light!

Giants (+3.5) vs. 49ers:
“I don’t want to be totally dramatic and say the Giants’ season is on the line, but it’s on the line. If there’s going to be a real NFL season, and there could be because the division stinks, but they need to win this game. We’ve seen some things from them, and with the injuries the Niners are dealing with, I think they’ll win this game outright.”

Vikings (+2.5) vs. Titans: “I may live to regret this, but I don’t think the Vikings are this bad. They’re facing a very solid team, but I think the Vikings are playing for their season too. They have to go to Houston, Seattle, and Green Bay still, and I think Dalvin Cook will have a big game here. Plus I’m getting points at home!”

Raiders (+5.5) at Patriots: “This is just me being a fan, but Joe hit on something earlier: Jon Gruden’s revenge. He has nightmares against the Tuck Rule game, and watching the Raiders the last two weeks, I think they’re actually pretty good. I think the Patriots are going to be fine and will in the AFC East, but this is the time to get the Patriots.”

Bills (-2.5) vs. Rams:
“I think this is a huge barometer game for Buffalo. They’ve looked pretty good so far, but they’ve beaten the Jets and Miami. Now, they step up to play the Rams, who are 2-0, but are playing their second consecutive game on the east coast. To me, it has to be pretty tough to win two games in a row like that, especially when you’re playing a team as good as Buffalo. I’m still not sold on the Rams, and I’m even taking Buffalo in the knockout pool.”

Broncos (+6.5) vs. Buccaneers: “I don’t know how good the Bucs are yet. Denver is 0-2 but they’ve been tough, and Jeff Driskel almost came back and pulled it out against the Steelers. Tom Brady, the place he always had the most trouble with New England was in Denver. I’m kind of hanging my hat on that; I don’t expect Denver to win, but what is Tampa Bay at this point?”

Steelers (-4) vs. Texans: “Houston just doesn’t look like a good football team, and the DeAndre Hopkins trade – that was ridiculous to me – it really hurt them. I still think Pittsburgh has the best defense in the NFL, and I think they’re the better team. I’d like it more if it was maybe a field goal, but I just don’t like what I’ve seen in the Texans.”

Listen below for the full predictions, and as always, be ready to call in Monday to give Joe & Evan love (or hell) for their picks!

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