Carlos Carrasco was in Bora Bora when he learned he was dealt to the Mets


Remember when Adam Warren found out that he had been traded from the Yankees to the Cubs from a TV report he saw while on vacation in St.

Carlos Carrasco did Warren one better, in a way.

Craig Carton has his ear to the ground everywhere, and when Carrasco joined Carton & Roberts on Tuesday, Craig asked Cookie if it was true that he was vacationing in Bora Bora when he got the news that he and Francisco Lindor were headed to the Mets.

“Yeah, that was true,” Carrasco said. “Normally, when I go out of the country, I pay $10 a day so my phone works everywhere. The only time it didn’t was in December when I went to Jordan; I didn’t have a phone for five days and I felt like I was in jail.”

Even better? Carrasco was in the shower, and someone else answered the phone.

“My wife saw (Indians President) Chris Antonetti’s phone number pop up and yelled that he was calling,” Carrasco said. “I was in the shower, so my three-year-old son answered the phone! But I called him back, and Chris told me I was traded.”

Carrasco’s entire major-league career has been played in Cleveland, as he was in Triple-A in July 2009 when the Phillies sent him to the Indians as part of the deal for Cliff Lee.

Tough to put a dozen years in perspective, but Carrasco understood business is business, and is excited for the second chapter of his career.

“I heard the rumors and everything. I spent most of my career there, but I understand; it’s part of the business and part of the game,” Carrasco said. “But, at the same time, I want to thank the Indians for giving me the opportunity to play baseball and everything they did for me.”

The food scene in Cleveland is pretty good, and surely, Carrasco enjoyed some quality cuisine in French Polynesia (Bloody Mary’s in Vaitape is a great restaurant, or so we’ve heard from Not Evan who actually did go to Bora Bora on honeymoon) – but he’s going to love one of New York’s finest.

Yes, the story is true that Carrasco once ate Domino’s Pizza for three months straight because he was learning English and it was easy to order…and yes, it’s true he still loves all pizza.

“I get that question all the time, but I still love pizza, and my kid does, too,” he laughed. “Back in 2018 I think, I got one year of free pizza from Papa John’s when I was in Cleveland…but New York has some good pizza, I can’t wait!”

A New York pie paired with some Insomnia Cookies? Sounds like a meal to bring into Citi Field someday.

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