Marcus Stroman 'praying on' Francisco Lindor joining Mets


Marcus Stroman appears to be doing his best as a recruiter for Francisco Lindor this offseason.

The Cleveland Indians shortstop, whom the Mets are believed to be targeting this offseason, posted on his Instagram story a purchase he made from Stroman’s apparel line, HDMH Apparel.

A Mets podcast captured a screengrab of the post and shared it on Twitter with the caption, “Lindor supporting his future teammate @STRO?” tagging the Mets right-hander.

Stroman replied to the tweet, “I’m praying on this.”

Among the replies to the Mets podcast’s tweet, one user wrote, “Masterful recruitment from @STRO,” to which he wrote back, “I’m on it.”

While Stroman may be showing courtesy to Lindor for purchasing his merch, there is only so much the Mets pitcher can do to lure the All-Star shortstop for Queens.

Lindor is not a free agent, so the Mets would have to make an enticing enough offer to the Indians to land the talented shortstop, and HDMH Apparel probably won’t be in that deal.

Even if the Mets fall short in their pursuit of Lindor, Stroman made sure to also acknowledge that the team also has some bright, talented young infielders in the organization.

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