New York Mets to Wear Caps Honoring First Responders During Sept. 11, 2020 Game


As broken by Mets first baseman Pete Alonso on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie Show, the Mets will wear first responder caps during Friday night’s game against the Blue Jays in Buffalo.

“Years prior, we weren’t allowed to, but I think because of last year, and Jeff Wilpon in the commissioner’s ear, they’re going to let us wear the hats,” Alonso said. “FDNY, NYPD, Port Authority, Sanitation, and EMTs – without those people, who knows what could’ve happened. We’re going to be commemorating those people with five different hats on the field today. I’m really excited that we get to represent those who help us.”

Friday marks the 19th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on America, a day that stopped the sports world – and the nation as a whole – in its tracks. The Mets and Yankees, who will play at Citi Field next Sept. 11 on the 20th anniversary, returned to the field a week later, all wearing FDNY or NYPD caps to show their support for the first responders lost in the immediate scope of the attacks, as well as those still continuing to serve in the aftermath and keep New York City safe.

Last year, Alonso, and many Mets players, wanted to wear hats honoring those entities but were turned down, so the then-rookie instead decided to purchase a pair of patriotic cleats for all of his teammates to wear on Sept. 11.

“I have a platform every day as an MLB player, and I want to impact people in a positive way. Being in New York, I really felt passionate about this; last year, there was a lot going on in Congress with 9/11 compensation issues, and people dying due to exposure to chemicals from the cleanup,” Alonso said. “Today, we have a beautiful museum, monument, and new World Trade Center, but that’s after the heart-wrenching images from the cleanup and Ground Zero. I can’t imagine what those involved went through, but I want to bring eyes and attention to that; it’s a tremendously sad moment in our country’s history, but people don’t always recognize the efforts in the aftermath.”

Alonso also has done a lot to promote positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking lots of time to publicly and privately speak with and thank those on the front lines.

“I’m just all about spreading positivity. There’s silver linings to every situation, even in tough times, and I just want to be as positive as I can and say thank you to those people out there saving lives,” Alonso said. “I think of everything differently now, and have a much higher appreciation for things a lot of us take for granted. We’re used to getting everything quickly, and this has forced us all to be thankful for our health, what we have, and the people around us. It’s a privilege.”

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