Rick Wolff's Sports Edge: Ivy League cancellations and HS sports resumptions


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We’re coming up on a full year of the pandemic — and once again, we find ourselves stuck in the middle of all sorts of starts and stops – and quite frankly, real confusion – when it comes to HS sports.

Is it safe for our teenage athletes to go back and compete? Especially when the elite Ivy League presidents have decided to, once again, cancel all spring sports due to medical worries. After all, pro sports leagues continue to struggle with Covid infections. And the same with colleges. And yet, the pros and colleges still move ahead.

But the simple reality is that HS sports – for the most part – are pressing onward, despite a world where Covid is still all around us.

As you might recall, it was just about a year ago that the Ivy League cancelled all winter and spring sports back in 2020. And now, they have done it again. In short, No spring sports for the eight Ivy League schools again.

I really feel for all of those top athletes – as you may know, there is no red shirting in the Ivy League.  At this point, I don’t know if this new ruling by the Ivy League will cost their athletes yet another year of eligibility. And you should know that a lot of Ivy League athletes are not happy with this decision.

But… on another level, and a lot closer to home – high school sports are back, for better or worse.

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