The Boomer-Benigno Jets Summit: It Was Real, and it Was Spectacular


Boomer vs. Bro. Norman vs. Joe. Or, as the WFAN Mornings Twitter called it, “The Nature Boy” Boomer Esiason vs. “The Mouth of the South” Joe Benigno.

Whatever you call it, the Boomer-Benigno Summit happened Wednesday morning on the Boomer & Gio Show, with Gregg Giannotti, long-time partner of Boomer but long-time friend of Joe B., moderating a debate for the ages about the New York Jets.

“I understand…remember, Boomer quarterbacked my football team for three years,” Benigno started. “It wasn’t exactly the greatest three years, because he had three head coaches, so you can’t put that all on Boomer – but as Boomer should know, that typifies what this franchise has always been: a disaster.”

Just moments into the summit, it was clear Joe was coming out swinging, and he didn’t stop.

“It has always been brutally run. They’ve had terrible owners – Leon Hess was not a good owner, and it was too late to win when he hired Bill Parcells – and Woody Johnson hit on a couple coaches early, but his brother now running the team has no clue what he’s doing,” Joe said. “This is the big problem with the franchise, why it’s been a revolving door of head coaches and abysmal drafts. They’re a disgrace, and that disgrace continues to manifest itself.”

Silence ensued for a few seconds, before Gio tossed to a non-plussed Boomer.

“What? I’ve heard it 1000 times over. He’s a passionate fan and I appreciate that,” Boomer replied. “Joe is right with my tenure there…the thing I said on Monday is that this is one game, and Adam Gase’s 17th as head coach, and guys like Joe are going to be screaming for a new head coach. You have Adam Gase and Sam Darnold that have been together for 14 or 15 games, and got off to a horrendous start against a very good football team. I always try to preach patience, and Jets fans don’t want to hear that – but you can’t be screaming about firing a coach one game in.”

Boomer also noted that Joe Douglas is the Jets’ GM in part because Adam Gase wanted someone like him, but Benigno wasn’t having it.

“We never wanted this guy in the first place – I don’t know any Jet fan that wanted Adam Gase, and this is a continuation of his three years in Miami,” Joe retorted, leading to a discussion of how Ryan Tannehill’s career has taken off away from Gase and the Dolphins.

“I didn’t want Matt Rhule, either, but now I wish they would’ve hired Matt Rhule – I know they lost their first game in Charlotte, but you don’t know what he is going to be,” Benigno said. “We already know what Adam Gase is.”

We could write another 1000 words on the entire 27-minute exchange between WFAN’s Killer B’s, including their segue into a discussion of the U.S. Open golf tournament that opens Thursday at Winged Foot, but we’ll leave you with one parting shot from Benigno, reverting back to Joe from Saddle River, before we ask you to listen and decide for yourself: who made the better arguments?

“Only the Jets draft guys from Alabama who can’t play!”

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