Yogi Berra to be immortalized on a USPS postage stamp in 2021


If we had to create a new Yogi-ism perfect for the news we’re about to announce, perhaps it would be this: “Never answer an anonymous letter.” Come later this year, though, you can send those anonymous letters adorned with the face of the master of Yogi-isms.

That's right: the United States Postal Service will issue a new forever stamp this year featuring none other than Lawrence Peter Berra. The official release date is still TBD, but the first mockup shows Berra wearing his catching gear over the iconic Yankees pinstripes.

Berra’s stamp will be one of three new faces to be released this year, along with ones featuring author Ursula K. Le Guin and artist Emilio Sanchez, to which we think Yogi would note it’s always best to “pair up in threes.”

A forever stamp currently costs 55 cents, but with postage always increasing, these will indeed be worth money someday…whatever a stamp costs at the time you send it, ostensibly, but surely, Yogi would have a lot of fun quipping on that phenomenon.

Regardless, it takes a lot to be memorialized on a postage stamp, so Yogi, thank you for making this day necessary.

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