Mac's College Football Schedule Reactions

By , Sports Radio WFNZ

It was an interesting week in college football and we still don't know if it was all for naught.

The ACC and SEC both announced their scheduling plans and at least for a couple of days we could dream of fall Saturdays with wall to wall pigskin action.

Here are a few of my takeaways from the scheduling shuffle:

1) Score one for Swofford

He (John Swofford) might be retiring in the near future, but he is not done with great PR moves.

No, I am not talking about the Notre Dame news. I am talking about beating the SEC by a day with their schedule announcement and making the SEC look like the bad guy when it comes to the in-state rivalries not being played. Stroke of genius.

2) SEC using tact

Must be honest, I am surprised. I thought the SEC might go with a 16 game conference schedule and start play this weekend.

After all, they say "it just means more."

Instead, they actually took a reserved approach. One less game than the ACC and they won't start until September 26 (two weeks after ACC begins). Maybe they are on the right side of this, but I am still in shock they took this approach.

3) UNC-ND Game of the year?

I know Clemson at Notre Dame isn't the sexiest game, but I am feeling like Clemson will knock off ND as they have both times they have met since Dabo Swinney took over.

If they do, that could mean ND battles with someone else for an ACC title game spot. My pick for that foe would be Slingin Sammy Howell and the Heels.

ND at UNC could be huge. A trip to Charlotte could be on the line.

4) Big 10 might not play

​According to SI's Pat Forde, the Big Ten is still giving serious consideration to not playing football this year. If they were to make that choice would it put pressure on the rest of the Power five conferences?

It seems like the ACC and SEC are serious about making it work, but only time will tell.