Panthers Launch Voting Initiative At Bank of America Stadium

By Sports Radio WFNZ

The Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Panthers Player Impact Committee are launching a voting initiative called  "Your Vote Counts."

"Your Vote Counts" is a nonpartisan initiative that aims to educate, register and mobilize voters in the Carolinas.

The initiative will work alongside local, state and national nonpartisan voter engagement organizations and utilize the Panthers' reach to encourage voters and help make the voting process safer and easier.

Voting will be held in the Luxe lobby and an adjacent area on the north side of the stadium.

“We do this because all of us have a responsibility to make the Carolinas an even better place to live," the letter added. "That’s especially true of those who have the biggest megaphones. Today, we’re using our megaphone to call attention to a big need in the Carolinas — and our game plan to address it.”

The Charlotte Hornets announced last month that they will also be using their home, Spectrum Center as an early voting site.