Chip Patterson Previews the PGA Championship & Talks College Football

By Sports Radio WFNZ

The College Sports and PGA Golf writer for CBS Sports joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as Chip started the discussion by talking about the first Major this year in the PGA Championship.

Chip reacted to the possibility of Tiger winning stating "I don't think he will win, but he has a better chance than most because of his familiarity with the course going back to his days at Stanford. The reason why I don't think he will win is that his long game isn't like it used to be and this course is a lot like Bethpage was last year and it has me concerned for how his back might hold up."

Kyle then shifted the conversation to the PAC-12 "We Are United" movement as Chip gave his thoughts saying: "This took a lot of courage and ambition to exact change in an uncertain future. To think you have hundreds of athletes in lockstep with how things should change is impressive that they pulled this all of this together."