Will the NFL be Able to Have a Full Season Without a Bubble? Corey Miller Responds


The former NFL linebacker joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as they first discussed Corey's mindset with players reporting to training camp with more questions than answers and he explained: "I was very optimistic a couple of months ago, but now I have a hard time thinking it's going to work out." Corey used his son as an example still not being able to get inside the building and that he hasn't even met Coach Matt Rhule yet despite it being late July.

Corey also thinks the idea of NFL players wearing some form of masks is a bad idea stating: "How are you going to play in the heat with a mask on during the start of the season. I wore a shield during my playing days to cover my eyes and that was even hard to get used to so imagine trying to play while having something covering your mouth and nose along with a mouthpiece."

Corey then turned his attention to the big college football news this week of the SEC playing a conference only schedule as Corey is a big fan of the news responding: "I like it but I know many Gamecock fans are upset that they won't get to play Clemson, but when you talk about what we're all dealing with right now I'm fine with just playing 10 conference games and getting a season in."