David Scott Discusses the Problems Colleges are Having With COVID-19 Testing


The veteran television journalist and the first correspondent for Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel on HBO joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to recap what he learned from his sitdown interview with SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey that aired last night. David tells us that "There are no mandated set of protocols that allow schools to track trends for student-athletes between schools and conferences" which David believes is a problem right now that needs greater recognition from the powers in college athletics.

David also stated that another problem with schools testing right now is they are relying on "quick turnaround results which aren't around everywhere yet and that the tests are not rigorous right now which won't give schools a complete picture of the infection rate for COVID-19" and David says other information that they have received shows that athletes could be at infected at an elevated risk if sports are to be played this fall.

Kyle then asks David about his thoughts on Peter King's comments on Real Sports last night saying that the chances of an NFL season being 100% completed this year are at about 40% which David agrees with Peter's statements saying "We are trending in the wrong direction, and we as Americans are not doing the things like contact tracing that has helped other countries trend in the right direction with the fight against COVID-19."