Can the Braves Overcome the Injury to Mike Soroka? Doug Glanville Weighs in


The former centerfielder for the Phillies, Cubs, and Rangers turned MLB analyst for ESPN, the New York Times, and Forbes joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse today as he first reacted to Mike Soroka's gruesome Achilles injury.

"It's so hard to watch and as a former player you just think back to when you lost former players to injuries, and it is so unfortunate to see a tremendously talented pitcher go down."

Despite that, Doug still thinks there are a lot of silver linings for the Braves saying there are still one of the most talented teams in the MLB.

Doug Glanville also weighed in on the biggest story in the MLB right now with the COVID outbreak on the Marlins roster as Doug stated: "I think where we have to be very careful in assigning blame off of antidotical connections because we're still trying to learn how this disease works so we have to treat with humility. At the same time, we are dealing with actions that are reckless."

In response to Kyle's question of if the whole MLB season gets completed.

"I think they finish the season, but I still see a lot of interruptions popping up throughout the season, so you might have a scenario where teams are games back in the division but they have a higher winning percentage."