Jay Bilas Discusses the Potential Impact of the We Are United Movement


The former star player for Duke Basketball turned College Basketball Analyst for ESPN joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he first weighed in on the #WeAreUnited movement started by players of the PAC-12 Conference.

"I think we should expect this around the country and I think it will be going on in other leagues as players become more aware of the power that they have on whether or not they will play."

Jay also said: "the demands were all reasonable from issues of racial justice to having sports properly funded, to even having health insurance for years after you are an athlete. So all of this goes beyond having economic rights, but people focus on the money first which is standard misdirection from people."

Jay weighed in on the process of the NIL rule going through congressional hearings and more by saying: "The NCAA is asking Congress to pass a law that would be the equivalent of an NCAA rule, but it would shield them from anti-trust laws and that way they could continue to limit players in violation of antitrust laws. In lamens terms there begging congress to bail them out of the mess they have made because they have no other option now."