What Stands Out the Most From the Revised ACC Schedule? Luke DeCock Weighs in


The Columnist for the Raliegh News and Observer joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse as Luke first weighed in on the breaking news of the SEC playing a conference only schedule this year stating "Without the +1 model that the SEC is using that the ACC was holding out hope to do to keep rivalry games alive for this year I could see the ACC rethinking their strategy by playing a 10 game conference only schedule to help schools across the conference save money."

Kyle asked Luke if Caleb Farley's decision to opt-out will lead other big names to do the same and Luke responded: "I think it is inevitable that more players will opt-out, but it is unlikely that more will commit to that decision at this point. The players have a right to make that decision at any point during this pandemic."

Luke also gave us a quick preview of the Carolina Hurricanes returning this weekend for the Stanley Cup Playoffs saying "I think that despite being odd playing hockey in an empty setting isn't that much of a detractor and we should still have a playoff hockey atmosphere once everything begins."