Michael Felder Explains How Caleb Farley's Decision Could Influence Other Big Names

By , Sports Radio WFNZ

The College Football Analyst for Stadium joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today as the first thing he got into was Notre Dame being allowed to compete for an ACC Championship.

"The ACC benefits from this, especially if they make the ACC Championship game and it's a smart move in the way of a make good and is a good ploy to gain ad revenue."

Michael also put his thoughts in on the revised ACC schedule for the 2020 season.

"North Carolina is in a position where they don't have to play Clemson which is weird that they don't play them especially when they are playing Boston College, but it's an extremely good draw for the Tar Heels."

Kyle wondered what Mike would say in regards to former Maiden Blue Devil and Virginia Tech standout Caleb Farley opting out of playing the 2020 season for health concerns, and if this could lead to other big names opting out to help keep their draft stock.

Mike responded to that question stating "He's the first guy to take the first step off the virtual plank, now we just wait and see if other guys will do the same as Caleb."