Michael Felder Weighs in on the Revised ACC Football Schedule

By Sports Radio WFNZ

The College Football Analyst for Stadium joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse as they started the interview by discussing Will Muschamp's response about possibly having 30 guys quarantined and still being able to play and Mike said this is a perfect example that we need to put coaches and AD's out of the decision-making process when it comes to COVID-19 and it needs to be in the hands of doctors and team trainers.

Kyle then shifted the discussion to the reveal of the revived ACC schedule for the 2020 season and what Michael's main takeaways were from the release and Michael replied:

"When I look at it I look at the travel and it doesn't feel minimized even without divisions. It looks good on the surface but at the end of the day you could have had the schedule this or that way, but they also have to make everyone in the conference happy and I think Notre Dame might have had a large influence on that." 

When it comes to the non-conference side of the schedule