Ryan McDonough Recaps the First Regular Season NBA Games Inside the Bubble

By , Sports Radio WFNZ

The former GM of the Phoneix Suns turned Insider for RADIO.COM Sports and co-host of the Scal and Pals Podcast joined the show to give his thoughts on the return of regular season NBA action.

"The players stayed in pretty good shape, the game was sloppy but that was expected but both games were competitive with both games being one possession games in the final seconds."

Ryan also thought that LeBron showed his muscles down the stretch on both sides of the basket which made a great way for the NBA to return.

Despite last night's loss, Ryan hasn't given up any hope on the Clippers saying "They have another level to go to because they were missing their teo best bench players in the league with Lou Williams and Montrezel Harrell which would have helped them immensely last night."

Ryan also said that if the Clippers want to beat the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals the main man they need to stop is Anthony Davis.

Ryan weighed in on the Rockets saying: "They are a little bit forgotten but this weekend is huge for the team because they are in the playoffs, but these games could help the team stay away from the Clippers in round 1."