Sean Deveney Recaps the First Weekend of Play Inside the NBA Bubble


The NBA writer for and Forbes Sports joined Kyle Bailey today on The Clubhouse as the interview started out with Zion Williamson and the Pelicans starting out struggling inside the bubble.

"I think the overall message here is from the get-go the Pelicans have had the attitude that we don't care about this year and next year they will unleash Zion which doesn't help considering they were invited inside the bubble with the hope of the Pelicans possibly making the playoffs."

Sean also weighed in on Houston's big win against the Bucks last night stating: "That was incredibly impressive play down the stretch even for James Harden, and they could be a pretty dangerous team if they could play defense as they did down the stretch last night."

Kyle asked Sean on a local level what he thinks the Hornets should do this offseason and Sean responded: "If the Hornets can get a big man that would be a good move, but I don't foresee a lot of change this offseason when it comes to moves which I don't necessarily see as a bad thing for the Hornets."