Wes Durham Gives His Thoughts on the We Are United Movement in the Pac-12


The voice of the Falcons and of ACC Sports as well as Co-Host of the Packer and Durham Show on the ACC Network and Sirius XM, joined Kyle Bailey on The Clubhouse.

"I can't say I'm surprised that we have people opting out and it's possible that more will opt out this season due to the concerns, but there is a lot of unknowns and it will be interesting to see who else might opt out in both the NFL and college football."

Wes also weighed in on the Pac-12 football players letter asking for certain demands from the powers that be from the conference stating: "I don't disagree with some of the things that the We Are United movement has stated, however, I think some of the stuff might be a touch misguided, especially when it comes to compensation."

Wes also said that he thinks there is some really good dialogue that can be had from this letter.

Kyle asked Wes of Dennis Dodd's latest piece on how the NCAA and the Power 5 are officially adversaries and Wes didn't disagree saying: "The pandemic has just trampolined that possibility, and I just think the power 5 as a whole has gotten beyond the skies of the NCAA and when Mark Emmert gets on the mic it resonates across the board."