Dre Bly Talks UNC Recruiting, How Good the Program Can Be In the Future


Former UNC & NFL DB Dre Bly joined the Mac Attack to discuss UNC's great recent recruiting, new players on this roster, plus how good he thinks the program can be in the next few years. 

Dre discusses the UNC recruiting being in the Top 5 and discusses how proud he is of Mack Brown and the rest of the staff.

T-Bone asks Dre about Tony Grimes committing to UNC and says "This kid can be as great as he wants to be."

Mac asks Dre about Sam Howell and the rest of the UNC offense and says competing against those guys every day has made this defense a lot better. 

Dre also discusses if he thinks this core of players can be as good as the teams he was on in the 90's and says it is definitely possible. 

T-Bone also asks Dre about the best trash-talking WR's he ever played against and said Chad Johnson was the funniest to play against.