Jonathan Jones Shares Thoughts on how NFL Season Will Look, Panthers Expectations in 2020

By Sports Radio WFNZ

NFL Analyst Jonathan Jones shares why he is 100% certain that an NFL season will happen, but not sure about if the season will finish saying "We have no clue what this virus is going to do, but since this is a 15 billion dollar industry, they will do everything they possibly can".

Jonathan discusses why Baltimore and Kansas City need to be atop of the AFC with no questions asked. He explains how the Chiefs have no holes in the roster and they should be the favorite in the Conference. Jonathan explains why he is also very high on the Bills winning the AFC East and maybe having the best defense in the NFL.

Mac asks Jonathan about the possibilities of games being canceled due to the virus and what the games will look like with no or very few fans. He goes into detail about if there will be a competitive balance if some stadiums can have fans and other fans can't. 

T-Bone asks Jonathan what he expects out of the 2020 Panthers and he expresses how he thinks the biggest thing would be seeing that the young players take a step forward, rather than actual wins and losses.