Lauren Brownlow Breaks Down the New ACC Football Schedule

By Sports Radio WFNZ

WRAL's Lauren Brownlow joined the Mac Attack to discuss the ACC schedule being released, how this affects UNC and NC State, plus how she thinks Notre Dame will fare. 

Lauren discusses the plus one in the ACC schedule and what potential matchups we could see there. 

T-Bone asks Lauren what the schedule could mean for UNC and says "UNC has less room for error because of another strong team in this Conference." Lauren also says that UNC would most likely need to beat Notre Dame to have a shot at the conference title game.

Mac asks Lauren if she thinks NC State got some nice breaks and she discusses how State has wanted to be in the Coastal Division and now they get that chance since they play all the Coastal teams. 

Lauren also discusses if she is mad about the Charlotte FC name and she says it doesn't bother her one bit.